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CRC, Inc. has been repairing concrete since 1946


About us

Concrete Raising Corporation of Houston is a family owned franchise of Concrete Raising America. Our core business is concrete lifting. We have been serving Houston since March of 1994. All supporting services, parts, supplies and material components are sourced locally through locally owned and operated businesses, so as to help provide improvement in our local community. CRC, Inc. has been dedicated to continually improving the slab jacking process since 1946.

As an industry leader it is our obligation to improve the process through both the development of the process and the equipment that makes it possible. Our direct involvement with the development and refinement of equipment is both hands on and through collaboration with specialty manufacturers. CRC’s concerted effort to improve equipment and training (Safety and Technical) as well shared industry knowledge from other CRC operators has made slab jacking both a reliable and economically desirable alternative to removal and replacement. That is why, in this region of the country, mud jacking is often referred to as “Concrete Raising”.

Concrete Raising Corporation’s core business is raising and leveling concrete by method of mud jacking or high density polyurethane. Our other services include void filling washouts and abandon utility lines. Should you require another type of concrete restoration or related service feel free to call and tap into our open network of various service providers that include; engineering, concrete paving, waterproofing, and more and many other professional service providers.   Please contact one of our knowledgeable staff today.


CRC, Inc. of Houston has made a substantial investment in equipment. We not only have the best equipment for the work, but we have spare equipment and parts to help ensure that mechanical breakdown will not hinder our ability to deliver a quality product in a timely manner. Volumetric Mixers= Material Quality & Production CRC, Inc.’s grout material is manufactured with a truck mounted volumetric mixer at the point of use (64k lb GVW Trucks).

The volumetric mixer units provide a consistent high quality sub base material. The material consistently fills voids of less than ¼”. CRC can routinely place in excess of 30 cubic yards of high quality material in a day resulting in an average in excess of 2,500 square feet of roadway pavement per day (production varies as a function of void, required lift and condition of pavement). Purpose Built Pumps improve Quality of Work CRC, Inc. has been instrumental in the development of purpose built mud jacking pumps that are used industry wide.

Our pumps are designed to deliver material at a pressure and rate to safely and precisely void fill and lift pavement with minimal damage.  CRC, Inc. continues to improve upon and refine the equipment to not only improve the final product but to improve reliability and ease of use; all resulting in a better end product at a reasonable price.

For polyurethane CRC consulted with industry leaders and invested in equipment that has a proven track record in geotechnical applications.


CRC’s cementitious grouts are is Purpose Built – Materials are processed and stock piled at our own facility.  Our aggregates are blended and screened at our facility so as to provide a high quality material free of stones, clay balls and organics. The aggregates, when combined with Portland Cement, provide for a material with a low percentage of shrinkage (1% or less), limited free cement and good stability while being still remaining pumpable and with great flow characteristics; All of which are necessary characteristics for good slab jacking/mud jacking results and lasting performance.

We have partnered with a leader in the polyurethane  industry to insure we will have the right material for any situation.

Technical Training of CRC crew leaders is accomplished through class room theory as well as hands on sessions. Our senior crew leaders broaden their understanding of the industry through grouting classes and then rotate back to a central and hands on training program in the field. Although the theory behind lifting concrete is simple, there are many variables that make it an art in practice. Safety Training of our crew leaders and technicians is performed through the Houston Area Safety Council. Training is “refreshed” annually.

Concrete saved through the mud jacking process saves not only the pound of Co2 spent per pound of Portland Cement in the original concrete but all the fossil fuels and time that would have been spent removing and replacing the involved pavement. Mudjacking and polyurethane use less energy than the carrying of the men and materials required to do the demolition alone.

On average we use less than 15% of the energy expelled to remove and replace concrete. All of our equipment is cleaned out in our yard. The water used in cleaning our equipment is is filtered, treated and recycled. No untreated water reaches the ditches, bayou or bays of Texas

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