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Our Process

How do we do it

Our technique is known as slabjacking, mudjacking, or foam jacking. The origins date back to the 1930's.

It started in the 1930’s with "mudjacking", but it has made and important comeback through modern equipment, innovative techniques, and various materials ranging from cementitious grouts to polyurethane foams.

In the 1970’s polyurethane foams were developed as an alternative to the grouts. The two materials have their own strengths and weaknesses, but many times they are completely interchangeable. Their application varies slightly but the benefits listed above still hold true. CRC installs both materials; furthermore, we can explain the pros and cons of each. CRC has partnered with NCFI for our geotechnical foams. They have been in the foam industry for 50 years, and have met any challenge with R&D. We are proud and certified to install their Terrathane line of geotechnical foams.