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Our Process

How do we do it

Our technique is known as "slabjacking" or "mudjacking," which originated in the 1930's.

This technique has made an important comeback through modern equipment and innovative techniques.

Through CRC's state-of-the-art volumetric mixers, a cementitious sand slurry is pumped under pressure through small holes drilled in the concrete slab. The slurry displaces air pockets, water and water-saturated soil, leaving the raised concrete on a firm, permanent sub grade. Lifting settled concrete is done quickly, usually in just a few hours. Since there is no "break out," there is no concrete to haul away, no grading, no forms to build, no curing time, no re-landscaping and no landfill created. The raised concrete can be walked upon immediately and driven upon in a few hours. The finished work lasts about the same length of time replacement concrete would last; several years down the road.