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What we do Each market we service has its own set of needs and requirements. We recognize these issues and tailor our proposals and methods accordingly.

If you notice that your concrete has begun to fall victim to shifting or sinking, then let Concrete Raising Corporation help you restore it to a level playing field. We’ve been the foremost authority on sidewalk and driveway repairs in Houston, TX since 1992 and have an experienced staff ready to assist you in raising your concrete. Why pay exorbitant costs for new concrete slabs that can cost up to 50 percent more than raising? Instead, take a look at a few of the methods Concrete Raising Corporation employs to help save you time, effort and money:

Commercial applications for our process includes leveling sidewalks, interior floors, parking lots, etc. Raising and leveling concrete typically costs about 1/3 to 1/2 of replacement, and quickly reduces liability by eliminating trip and fall hazards. The aesthetic improvement to your property is immediate, and unlike replacement the finished work can be walked upon immediately, as well as driven on in just a few hours. Re-landscaping, an additional cost with replacement, is unnecessary with the CRC process.

Homeowners and landlords often find themselves faced with problems such as sinking driveways, pool decks and sidewalks. Whether you’re performing regular maintenance on your home or flipping a house a quote from CRC will provide options that can save you time and money. Our trained professionals will carefully drill into your concrete and pump a grout or polyurethane under the slabs, slowly raising your concrete back to an acceptable level. When we’re done, you’ll never know we are even there-- there’s no mess or cleanup to deal with and your concrete will look as good as new. Concrete Raising Corporation is proud to help homeowners with repair services ranging from driveways and sidewalks to patios and pool decks in the Greater Houston area.

Multi-unit owners and managers understand liability. Mortgage and insurance companies are becoming more proactive on trip and fall issues each year. In addition, the significance of a property’s aesthetic to buyers or tenants should not be forgotten. Slim maintenance budgets don’t always allow for expensive concrete replacement; CRC offers a solution without the budgetary strain. Property managers, homeowner associations and landlords have all discovered that raising sunken concrete in common areas, along sidewalks, drives, parking spots and around swimming pools is faster and more cost effective than replacing. Our services range from slabjacking to concrete grinding.

Municipalities can have similar needs to those that have already been mentioned, but there is more we can help solve. Settled roadways can be quickly repaired to remove standing water and/or to smooth out the ride. Washouts, bore annuluses, abandoned water and sewer lines, embankments, etc. can all be void filled and stabilized with our cementitious grouts or geotechnical foams.

At a cost that’s significantly less than new concrete installation. It pays to call Concrete Raising Corporation for slab jacking services. We’re proud to illustrate more than 50 years of seasoned experience and take pride in our unparalleled level of workmanship in every job that we undertake. Call us today at 713-991-1777 to see how we can help to restore your concrete to a perfect level of stability.